Thursday, August 13, 2009


Thanks to everyone for the nice comments on the gourd house. It's one of my favorite projects ever.

Yes, it will be coming to Philadelphia Miniaturia, but first it will be in a three week show at the Honora Bird Gallery in Lansing's Old Town from September 10th through the 30th.

I'm starting work on a new walnut house - pictures tonight!

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  1. I do hope you bring it along to every show that you do! For all to see cos it deserves that. The work in progress could be followed here, but pictures don't seem to capture the spirit of things.

    I was able to see it in real, in Castine, and my blew me away!! Breathtaking, joyful and un-be-lie-va-bly gorgeous :-)))) It took my heart and even brought some tears to my eyes... no kidding. A stunning work of love and art.

    For all who are able, don't miss the opportunity to see for yourself!