Friday, August 7, 2009

Finished Gourd House

The landscaping took a long time. I just couldn't seem to stop adding things. I was going for a late summer look, which seemed appropriate for the gourd. The lovely, smoooth pebbles were collected along the shore of Lake Michigan, in the beautiful Leelanau Peninsula, about three hours north of where we live. Some contain tiny fossils.
I pick up bits and pieces of natural materials everywhere I go. You never know when something will be just what you need for the next project.
The big interior room is a sitting room. I decided against the canopy bed, as it would have taken up too much of the floor space. The bed must be in the smaller room, but can't be seen because a curtain partly covers the doorway. It's always good to leave a few things to the imagination.


  1. Too charming for words! It's obvious that you very much enjoy creating these little natural scenes. It makes me imagine seeing a gourd lying on the ground, picking it up and finding there's a tiny room inside. I'd worry that I'd hurt the occupants!

  2. Nell, it's just so gorgeous! I love how you use so many colours of landscaping stuff layered to create the shrubs. It looks so realistic. And the interior is beyond cute. Love it!

  3. Fossils! Oh my God - I didn't think you could find a way to make your work better, and here you have. Will this be coming to Philadelphia?