Thursday, August 4, 2011

Stay Tuned

Now that I'm all caught up on orders, I have plans for some new things to be ready in time for the Guild Show in September.

First up will be a new storybook style cottage, inspired by the fanciful homes designed by Hugh Comstock in 1920s.

It's in the design stage today - photos soon!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Guild School Continued

I was so proud of my students, I just have to share the picture of all their cottages on display at thebanquet. The tables in the back row were made by Mark Murphy.

The button says: "I worked as little as possible at the IGMA Guild School 2011!" (We did, too!) I gave one to every student at the end of class.

The cherry on the sundae is that I will be teaching again next year - my Victorian Cottage this time.

Guild School Pictures

I've been working on orders, so I haven't had new pictures in a while. It seems like a good time talk about the 2011 IGMA Guild School.

It was my first year teaching, so I was very lucky to be assigned to an unusual and wonderful classroom in the old presidents's house. The house is almost at the top of the hell where the school is located, and has a great view of the bay. 

The class was held in the sun room, which you can see at the right of the building. There were so mant windows that even though we had a clooudy, rainy week, there was very good light.

Here's the classroom, after I had set everything up on Friday.
The staff at the Maine Maritime Academy are so friendly and helpful, I was able to set up very quickly and have lots of time left to wander around Castine looking for inspiring architecture - not hard to find, because the little town is full of 18th and 19th Century buildings of all kinds and sizes. I took lots of pictures! 

The week went by in a flash, and everyone finished their Garden Cottage a little early on Friday, so we were all able to rest up before the closing banquet. 

Continued on next post....