Saturday, February 25, 2012

Painting 1:144 Scale Furniture

I just received an email from a customer who wanted some tips on painting the cast resin furniture I sell. I thought I'd share my answer:
You can use any of the acrylic craft paints, like Delta Ceramcoat, Folk Art, etc; that's mostly what I use. No need to primer the pieces before painting.
You are less likely to get brush marks if you
- use really good quality brushes with fine bristles
- use larger, square ended brushes for large areas
- don't try to cover surfaces with one coat; several light coats is always better.
To get wood grain effects:
- for dark woods: paint the whole piece a dark color first; then dry brush with a lighter color.
- for light woods: paint a light color first, then dry brush with a darker color
If you're going for realism, let the pieces dry overnight and then give them a very light wash with brown watercolor (I use watercolor pencils).

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