Saturday, January 15, 2011

Two More Rooms

Here are the other two rooms in the first round of room boxes.

On the left is the patisserie, with layout and colors inspired by Ray and Scott's class.  There are around 30 tiny pastries in the shop, made from
polymer clay and decorated. The projections you see on the exterior wall are display cases with mirrored backs.

On the right is an elegant bedroom.  The tapestry hangings on the bed are repeated in the window treatment. On the floor at the foot of the bed are two tiny porcelain spaniels in a basket by Sylvia Mobley. Because this is a French bedroom, I thought there should be an armoire, which I didn't include in an earlier version.


  1. They are all gorgeous Nell! And those cakes look good enough to eat!

  2. Love the furniture in the bedroom! Did you make it yourself? You are inspiring me to do another baby house! Your roomboxes are so perfect!

  3. Thanks, Kathi and Shannon! Yes, I make all my furniture. There's nothing commercially available that looks quite the way I want it to.

  4. Just stunning, what more can I say.

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  7. Here The both rooms of the boxes are really looking conceptive and creative. And I am really Highly impressed by this type of unique art. And This one is really looking inspiring and incredible.