Sunday, January 9, 2011

Room Boxes in Progress

The two French country kitchens from the first group of orders are finished. I meant to post pictures sooner, but sometimes I just become so absorbed in what I'm doing that I can't bear to stop and fiddle around with photography!

I followed the color way (red/yellow/blue) from a French kitchen Ray and Scott taught a few years ago. The original had blue walls, but the blue just didn't look very good with the wallpaper that will surround the room boxes when they are installed (propped up at right in photo). I played it down a bit by only bringing the blue up to a chair rail, and using paper with all three colors (Brodnax "Morocco", reduced)  above. There is "tile" on the back wall behind the stove and sink.

In the background are two of the frames, with the mats installed, and the beginnings of the other two room boxes, which will be a bedroom (left) and a patisserie (right).

When all four rooms are done, I will mount them in the frames and move on to the next group of orders.


  1. Love your French kitchens, it is always amazing to see such style and detail in so small a scale as this.

  2. They look amazing Nell. The colours are perfect for the wallpaper.

  3. Absolutely amazing, so very pretty.

  4. They are soooo beautiful, all those detail in such a little room! Absoltely amazing!
    Can't wait to see the nex two,
    * marlies