Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Walnut Cottage

A walnut cottage in a summer landscape. The "hostas" in the center foreground were made from HO scale kits left over from the 1/4" scale flower arrangements I made for the Toy and Dollhouse Museum of Kansas City. I'm a huge fan of hostas, which grow very well here in Michigan, and have many varieties in my yard.

The inside.  There's a fireplace on the left wall, and a shelf holding books and accessories above the door.


  1. Beautiful! Your walnut houses are my favorites~guess it's the whimsey that touches my heart. So glad that I own one!

  2. What a darling house!!!! It looks so wonderful! Love all of the details that you make!!

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  4. It is a work of art. My favorite hobby. Congratulations to the artist.