Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nuremberg Kitchen

As sometimes happens, I've been so focused on working that i neglected to stop and take pictures.  Here's one of the things I just finished:

Toy kitchens have been made at least as long as dollhouses. Many were made in Germany, hence the name "Nuremberg Kitchen."  This one is an 18th Century version.  I love making these, because it gives me a chance to make lots of little detail parts. The hutch and settle are my own castings; the table and chair are scratch built. The accessories are mostly modified cast metal.  I make the plates by coating paper with about 3 coats of acrylic gloss medium, punching them out with a 1/8" hole punch, and making an indentation in the center with a very small nail set to give them some dimension.  For more elegant settings, I often paint the rims gold.


  1. Love your work, Nell!
    Thanks for the tips on plate making. I am working on furnishing a Baby House and I will need some plates and accessories.
    Don't forget to take pictures~we love to see your extraordinary creations!

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  3. This is very beautifull! Love your work, so little and so detailed,
    * marlies

  4. I LOVE this little kitchen. Your plates came out amazing as did everything!!!