Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Finished Crooked House

It looks better with the roof on, doesn't it?

I kept landscaping to a minimum, so the focus would be on the unusual shapes of the house. if you look carefully, you'll see that even the roof tiles are crooked. It was really quite a struggle to get them that way. I put them on in strips, and they kept trying to be straight!

The chimney follows the sides of the house, and almost looks as if it has a wave in it.

There's a bit of a slant to the floors, so I thought of propping the furniture up on one end to make it level. However, I've beeen inside houses like this, and the occupants just seem to deal with the angles, so I decided to leave it alone. The little porcelain dogs in the basket are by Sylvia Mobley; I repainted the basket and liner so it matches the furniture.

Sometimes I decide on a project just because I know it will be fun to make - this is one of those!


  1. An absolutly outstanding piece ! I also love the wonderful furniture especially in the first and the upper floor.Totally different with that what we used to see in 144 scale.All my compliments.Jeannette

  2. OMG this is amazing so tiny, so detailed. You are very talented.
    Debie x

  3. You're bringing this to Philly, I hope?

  4. Yes, the "Crooked House" will be on my table at Philadelphia Miniaturia.

  5. Oooh how I wished I could shrink :-))) All those angles, it must have been a chalenge to make! But what an outstanding result, só much detail! I envy all who are able to go to Philadelphia Miniaturia and see it in real. ENJOY! Sigh, I am gonna have an other look at the pics, so beautiful!