Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cozy Cotage Interior

Just a sitting room and bedroom with English country style furnishings. Cooking could be done on the range built into the fireplace.
A dog on a cushion by Sylvia Mobley will be lying in front of the bedroom fireplace, but he hasn't arrived yet.


  1. Wow....what an amazing job you have done. it is perfect.


  2. It is perfect Nell. However I would love to be able to see it nicely focused. You need more depth of field on your camera setting to make it all sharp.
    Read this explanation and look at the examples of settings to use such as F16.

  3. Just beautiful Nell. Your tiny chairs amaze me.

  4. Karin: Sorry about the depth of field problem. This is an ongoing issue with my scale. I have watched professional photographers struggle as they tried to shoot my houses.

    For the blog, I use a digital camera with autofocus. Although I can turn it off and stop down manually, so far the results of that haven't been any more successful than using the autofocus. Practice may help with that.

    I can get great pictures using my trusty old Nikon with its macro lens, but that requires getting prints and scanning them - not very convenient for my frequent blog postings.

    Please bear with me! Perhaps I can work out the focus problem with the new camera, or find a macro for it. I will have a web site up in a couple of months, and will have better pictures there, most likely taken the old fashioned way.