Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A New Project

A customer has asked me to make a 1:144 version of Noel and Pat Thomas' "Rooftop Artist's Studio". (Pictures are propped up in the back) It's going to be a fun - and challenging - project.

The original 1:12 version is quite small - the studio is only a foot across on a base that's 19.5" wide. This makes the 1:144 version very small indeed! That's the base befind the ruler in the center of the picture.

Luckily, the customer took the class from the Thomases, and has been able to provide me with the instruction sheets and samples of the materials used. This will be a big help in making my version match the original as closely as possible, although of course I will have to use different materials in the smaller scale.

I plan to start with the building itself, and then move on to the front window. 


  1. Un proyecto precioso!!! Espero tus avances!!

  2. The Thomas' make such amazing pieces, and so do you so I can't wait to see what you do :)