Thursday, March 24, 2011

Her Dream House

When I first saw Todd Krueger's beautiful mermaids, I wondered what kind of dollhouse these magical creatures would have. Finding this wonderful piece of driftwood gave me the "nudge" I needed to build one.

Perched on a piece of coral that is studded with tiny rhinestones, the house has a sand dollar floor and a sea urchin roof, supported by columns of coral and pearl.  All the furnishings are made from natural shells and coral bits; the decorations include gilded starfish and more impossibly tiny shells.

Everything is adorned with seed pearls, beads and crystals.

The mermaid seems pleased with her work, and is musing about whether to add just one more thing.

Come see her at Chicago International 2011!


  1. Nell, It is such a stunning setting! I was fortunate to see Todd's work at a show last Fall and it really is incredible! You have made the most perfect setting for his work!

  2. It's lovely, Nell. That piece of driftwood is fantastic, too, looks like a crescent moon.

    - Grace

  3. Just beautiful Nell. Love the soft colouring too.

  4. Beautiful work!!
    I just found your blog and became a new follower ;)
    I love your work, you are so talented :)

    Hugs, Jollie