Monday, October 11, 2010

My New Assistant

This Cornish Elf arrived on my doorstep last week after making the trip from Todd Krueger's studio in a stuffy cardboard box. He is being a great help with my latest project - a new walnut house - although he prefers to work at night, when I'm asleep.


  1. Just love Todd's elves~I have two which are very precious to me. This will be a wonderful display with creations from two very talented artists! Look forward to seeing it when you are done...
    Reminder: 'A Grand Affair in Miniatures' is this weekend in Grand Rapids! We would love to have you stop by.

  2. Nell, He is wonderful! I was just lucky enough to see Todd's unbelievable work at a miniature show this past weekend! They are all stunning in person!

  3. The elf is so lovely. I love his face expression but your walnut house is just amazing and gorgeous. Love the tiny perfect door.
    As always you do a great work :)

  4. Me encanta la expresión de tu nuevo asistente y la casita de bellota es un amor.
    Besitos, May

  5. Este elfo està Muy Trabajador:)
    La casita - bellota ya està preciosa. Me encanta.
    Besos Clara