Friday, July 16, 2010

Christmas in July

For some reason, I always start thinking about Christmas around this time of year. (Maybe it has something to do with a longing for cooler westher!) That may be why I decided that my class for Tom Bishop's 2011 Chicago Show would be a Christmas Dome.  Here it is:

I included the penny in the shot so that people not familiar with my work could easily see what the scale is. In the past, some people have signed up for my classes not realizing that they would be making something so small. Although they always stayed, and always successfully completed the project, I do prefer people to know what they are getting into!

The one day class will include making the tree and  painting and detailing all the other components, including the 1:1728 scale dollhouse. It's a fun project and doesn't require any special skills.

It's suitable for anyone, whether you have experience in 1:144 scale or not. If you are coming to the show, I hope you will consider joining us.


  1. You're doing a class in Chicago too? Oh, my ... :)

  2. Your work is amazing, congratulations!