Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Guild School

This week I'm getting ready for the IGMA Guild School, which will be held in Castine, Maine June 12-19.

It's a great event!  Imagine a whole week spent with a large group of peopple who share a passion for miniatures, in a beautiful little town on the coast of Maine. There are classes (I'm taking Mark Murphy's Japanese tea chest class), seminars and demonstrations, an auction, a sales night and a lobster dinner.
Way too much fun!

This year, I'm giving a seminar on how to make a 1:144 scale version of a real house.  I'll be using as an example the house from Manchester, MI that I made from May 27-July7 last year (see blog archive.).

I'm also submitting a proposal to teach a class next year. The project will be "Gardener's Retreat" - tiny garden shed based on small buildings I saw in Castine last summer.

It's a little more weathered looking than my houses usually are, but that look seemed appropriate for a garden shed. Here's the interior:

There will be more furniture, of course.

"Finished" pictures by Monday.


  1. ¡Hola Nell!!
    Estoy feliz por haber encontrado tú blog ¡Es fantástico!!Ahora mismo voy a poner tu enlace para seguir cada novedad tuya ( =
    ¡Felicidades por ese talento!

  2. Wow, adorable as usual Nell. I love the more aged finish. I think it helps show up detail in tiny items. Have fun at the Guild School!

  3. Oh Maine is such a long way from from California!Lucky you. Can't wait to hear all about your exerience! CM

  4. Going to Castine is my dearest dream EVER! Heaven wouldn't top it, lol!!!
    Hope someday I can go there and I would be honored to meet you and all the other masters who go there too.
    AND... if I could take one of your classes, wow!!! DON'T pinch me! :) I don't want to wake up... ;)