Thursday, January 7, 2010

Glencairn Cottage

My first project for 2010 is Glencairn Cottage, a design I've made before. 

I keep detailed notes on everything I make in case I want to make another.  Usually, I keep them on 4x6 cards. However, this house requried the use of templates for several parts, so I used a large sheet of paper to make it easier to copy them all at once.

Taking the time to make notes and drawings can be challenging when you're in the midst of putting something together, but it really pays off later. Even if you don't make exactly the same thing more than once, design elements from one design can easily be transferred to another if you already have drawings.


  1. Wow Nell I had a look at the drawing and the little cottage. Wonderful.
    Debie xxx

  2. Another fine example of why you're the best, Nell.