Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Dutch House

One last piece from the past: a Dutch house I made in 2008.

The interior details, particularly the fireplaces, were inspired by those in Rembrandt's house in Amsterdam. There is a great web site for the Rembrandt house, with a virtual tour:
I took ideas for the furniture from various paintings of the period.

Some details: A painter has just finished a portrait in the lower left room; the sitter's hat and cane are on the table. The kitchen has a built in bed. The upper left room has a baby house on the back wall.

I was having some camera issues (since resolved)when I took the interior shots, so they aren't as clear as I would have liked.

This piece is now part of the Kathleen Savage Browning Miniature Collection at the Kentucky Gateway Museum.


  1. Although you mentioned the quality of the picture I can still see how great this piece is! Love the chairs and table in the drawingroom (topleft) And do I see a dollshouse in the background!? Even the table it stands on is in keeping. I love the way it all makes sence!

    As a Dutch girl it makes me melt ;-)

  2. Yes, that is a dollshouse in the background - a 1:144 version of the Baroque Baby House on the lower right of this page.

    I am glad that you like it, Debora! It was fun to make, and I plan to do another Dutch house in the future.