Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Christmas Room Box

The three Christmas rooms are well under way. The room is a Victorian style parlor. The big, empty space is where the Christmas tree will go.

The gold leafed frame and the still unpainted liner are on the right.
The box will be mounted behind the frame and liner. Because it is smaller than the frame, the finished piece sits at an angle, which makes it easier to see inside.

The Christmas tree begins with a plain little brush tree. I cover it with snips of unraveled Bunka (a Japanese embroidery floss) to give it a softer, more pleasing apearance. I'll decorate it with micro bead ornaments and add tiny rhinestones to give the effect of lights.


  1. So cute Nell, especially the trees! Have you ever tried fibre optics for real lights on your tiny trees?

  2. Oh I love these! But Mom and I each have one, so I guess I have no excuse for getting another, do I? ;)

  3. There's always room for one more in 1:144 scale, Delia! ;-)