Thursday, July 23, 2009

Gourd II

So far I've finished the door and windows and begun the interior.

I had imagined that the bedroom would be behind the smaller window, but since the main room has such a high ceiling, I'm thinking of putting a canopy bed there.
The little room could be a storeroom. It's barely visible anyway, as there's a curtain in the doorway.

I found some smooth, round stones along the Lake Michigan shore a few years ago, and they certainly look good with the gourd. I'll probably be using a few more in the landscape. It's amazing how much space I need to store the bits and pieces of this and that that I keep to use "someday."

I've discovered that if I finally decide I will never use something, and throw it out, that it will be exactly what I need a few weeks later.

The chimney looks a little stark - will have to work on that some more.


  1. Amazing how much those round stones add to the right feel for the project.

  2. I LOVE the vines on the inside, and the architrave around the door! So cute.