Friday, June 19, 2009


The windows for the older part of the house are finished. There are a lot of them, as you can see, and in three different styles.
To give you an idea of size, the squares on the mat are 1''. The square roughly in the middle of the frame contains all the basic pieces for one of the narrow windows.

I'm using strip styrene for these, in sizes from .010"x .010"(almost hairlike, used for the inside moldings) to .010" x .040". They are assembled with a special cement that "welds" the pieces together by dissolving the plastic a little. It can be tricky to apply - too much and you have a gooey puddle where your part used to be! To avoid this, I cut all but a very few bristles off the applicator brush.
Today I'm making the windows for the newer back part of the house and hope to at least start on the three doors.

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  1. That's ncredible! perfect windows in a minimal scale! I like 1:144 scale so much! I'll be one of your followers... Congratulations!