Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Emily's Baby House

I was trying to copy this post and accidentally deleted it, so I'm putting it back! I apologize to whoever left the comment, which disappeared along with the rest of the post, before I could read it!

This is a piece I have just finished for the Chicago show.

The little girl has just finished putting furniture in the baby house that originally belonged to her grandmother. The house is in an architectural style cabinet, typical of many English baby houses of the 18th century. Note the Chinese wallpaper in the bedroom - the height of fashion at the time.

The porcelain doll is by Jill Bennett, and the miniature greyhound is by Karl Blindheim.

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  1. Hi, I run a blog, and I was wondering if I could put this photo, and maybe a few others, up on it? Credited and linked back to yours of course.